My Mustang Parts for Sale
                                                             by Rory S. Brown

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Here are my parts for sale.  Contact me through email:

All prices are what I feel is fair and I have provided links were possible to prove it.  If you think otherwise, prove I'm wrong and I will always be fair.  No shipping, just local pickup.  Some pictures below allow you to click on them to give a high resolution picture.

Mustang and Shelby GT350 Parts for Sale.  Some are new never installed, some are New Take-offs, and some are Used.

1. Factory Ford Shelby GT350 OEM Car Cover $450

Here is a link

2.  10' x 10' Red with White/Black Stripes Shelby/Ford Performance Logo'd Show Tent. $900


This tent is specifically designed for the GT350

3. Genuine Ford 2015 2016 Mustang Motorcraft Touch Up Paint in Competition Orange CY Price: $10cdn.