My 1979 Mustang Cobra
                                                        by Rory S. Brown

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My very 1st Daily Driver Mustang: 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra

I purchased it brand new on a factory order from Dominion Motors in Downtown Vancouver and it was the first
brand new car I ever bought.  I ordered it with a MSRP of $7,3XX. The specs were 2.3L Turbo 4 Cylinder with
4 speed manual Transmission, Bright Red Exterior colour with Black Base Cloth interior high back bucket seats,
Air conditioning, Rear Defroster, Cobra Package with the Michelin TRX Wheel & Tire package, and Cobra Hood
Graphic. When the car arrived, it had extra options of Red interior with low back bucket seats and sunroof.  The
car arrived with a MSRP to $7,9XX.  Fortunately, I got the extras for no extra cost.

Here are the only pictures I have of the car (click to make bigger).

Below are pictures I found on the web of the same model and package except it doesn't have the sunroof or rear window defroster.